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Eoin Shiel | July 31, 2015

Ryan Aylward - Naughty Nigel

Here we have a post modern masterpiece by Ryan Aylward. "Naughty Nigel" is an expression  of the dystopian present of stunt riding in Ireland. Featuring collaborative efforts from other BMX artistes,...

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Eoin Shiel | July 29, 2015

BSD - Reed Stark's Californian Safari

Reed Stark went on a bit of a breather to Cali there recently. Seems he just chilled back and took it easy breezy... Or, went on a complete mission and...

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Eoin Shiel | July 24, 2015

The Boardroom's Birr Skatepark Jam - 2015

After last year's Birr jam, it was pretty obvious that we needed to do another one! The park is so good, the locals seem to love it and everyone who makes...

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