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BSD - Trail or Park Frame 18" version


Kriss Kyle is known to be one of the most progressive and stylish riders around right now and the Trailorpark is his signature BSD frame. However a lot of younger riders still struggle to ride a 20″ frame, that’s why BSD made an 18″ version. 

Designed with technical riding in mind this steed is light, strong and ultra responsive. It has a really short back end and a roomy front end due to the laid back seat tube angle. 

The TrailOrPark V2 frame features:

- External DT gusset, internal TT gusset.
- Extra wide rear end for fat tyres.
- Internally relieved headtube.
- Built in seatclamp.
- Tiny dropouts.
- Mid bottom bracket.
- Removable seatstay brake lugs, cable guides and gyro tabs.

- Toptube lengths:
- Headtube angle:74.5°
- Seattube angle: 69°
- Rear end length: 12.5″ – 12.925″
- BB height: 10.5″
- Standover height: 8.1″
- Weight: 4.3 lbs

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