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Montana Hardcore 2 Paint - Metallics


High coverage 
The new Hardcore 2 offers better coverage than its predecessor due to a thicker formula which is dense with high quality pigments. The composition of the pigments has been studied, color by color, so as to guarantee the ideal combination for each one. In this way, we managed to create a paint with a uniform coverage with a sufficient density to eliminate drips.

Quick drying 
Thanks to a combination of quick solvents and strengthening additives, all of the Montana Colors products are held to a quick drying standard. In just a few seconds, the solvent evaporates leaving an almost instantaneous finish.

Full range of colors 

With the development of the new formula, we optimized our color range to give better consistency to a color chart which had some structural deficiencies. The new chart is composed of brighter and more attractive colors, each guaranteeing great coverage. Along the way, we’ve disposed of some of the classic colors, but we’re sure that we’ll all enjoy the new colors even more!

High gloss finish 
At Montana Colors, we always
defend Hardcore’s status as the best high- gloss paint available, especially for outdoor art. Now we’ve reached the correct equilibrium with a smooth and glossy finish which conceals the direction of the outline and offers better resistance to the passing of time. Just make sure your photos are taken without flash!

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