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Eclat - Tibia Cranks


If you want a strong set of cranks that you know you can rely on and you don't want the hassle of 3 - piecers, then the Tibia cranks may just be the ones for you!

"If you need the right pair of cranks and less headaches, you might want to consider choosing the Tibia.The Tibia cranks from éclat offer the function and simplicity of a two-piece design, but stay true to the proven splined design of three-piece cranks. The Tibia cranks feature a slim arm design, constructed of 4130 crmo arms and spindle. The Tibia cranks go together smoothly, stay secure and won’t let you down. For 2014 the Tibias have had a little update with a new welding that further increases their strength." - Eclat


- tubular heat-treated 4130 crmo arms & crmo axle

- 175mm length arms

- 22mm crmo ultra hollow axle

- strong, lightweight crank / RSD & LSD compatible / 2 sprocket bolt holes on each side

- 934g (32.95oz : 2.06lbs)

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