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Montana - spray paint caps


Let us know which ones you would like in the order notes comments!

94 cap - As the name suggests, this cap was designed to get the most out of the 94 valve. Thin, regular line when pressed softly, a little wider when pressed down completely.

Universal - The Universal is the most versatile cap for the Montana Colors lines, compatible with all spray products. The line varies slightly according to the pressure you apply. One of the most reliable caps for semi-thin lines.

Fat Pink - Commonly called “pink dot”, it surely is the most famous “fat cap” of them all. Ideal for all types of spray paint, allowing for a very normal spray. Especially designed to fill large areas.

Needle - A completely different diffuser which is designed to propel paint further than the rest. It has a small spray opening which makes it a little tricky to control, but it leaves the door open to experimentation, giving a uniquely dirty and undefined touch.

NY Fat Cap - The "button" system which this diffusor has allows a different control to the rest. Although it can be difficult to handle in the beginning, with practice it allows very precise control of your lines.

Hardcore Cap - The standard Hardcore cap. Provides for thin and uniform lines with this high pressure spray paint.


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