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Odyssey - Thunderbolt Cranks


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Check out Odyssey's new and improved crank, the Thunderbolt.

Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks are an evolution of the Twombolts. They feature a true two-piece crank, one bolt configuration. The unique wedge cluster is the heart of the system, this design optimizes the arm/spindle interface, and simplifies assembly. Thunderbolt cranks feature an updated mating arm lug for increased durability and improved fit on the ultra-hollow 22mm spindle. The open ended spindle cap adds visual appeal. Thunderbolt arms and wedge clusters are compatible w/ existing Twombolt cranks.

  • 22mm spindle
  • 41 Thermal Heat Treated
  • Unique Cluster set up
  • 1.65lb (748g)

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