The boardroom bmx and skate


We at the Boardroom are really pleased to announced we're putting on a series of awesome bmx jams in various locations over the coming months. For everyone who's been waiting for the oppurtunity to hang out and ride together with friends, we present....

Round 1 at Wreckless skatepark, Gorey on March 26th

All ages and riding levels can enter, everyone can get involved. Jam format day with all in riding sessions and then one minute runs to gain points for the league table.

We've decided to bring back the format of the old transpire series, some riders may remember these back in the day.
Riders are encouraged to attend all or as many jams in series as possible as we will be giving out trophies and the biggest prize packs to the overall winners at the Finals!

March 15, 2016

Written by Derek Johnson