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Postcards DVD is here!

Postcards is the third full length BMX video release from Left (@leftbmx on instagram)/ Eóin Shiel. Postcards bmx dvd

FIlmed over 6 years, between 2016 and 2022, it features riding from all over Ireland and some choice spots and riders from Austria. With full sections from Jake Ryan, Daniel Mulhare, Ruairí O'Callaghan, Derek Johnson, Peter Adam, Eóin Shiel, Ryan Mollan, Florian Stecker and mix sections from The Barstool Crew and various other affiliates, this is an hour of some of the best modern Irish BMX you're going to get to witness.


Added to the DVD, Postcards includes the first publication from LEFT, a 62 page photobook, perfect bound, containing photos from the duration of filming the video. 

The book and DVD are limited to a short run, so it's definitely one for anybody who has an interest in BMX, Irish or otherwise. 

February 18, 2023

Written by Derek Johnson

United Complete BMX's just in time for Christmas

Check out some of the smart looking new complete Bmx's from United Bike co, as always these completes come with a fully sealled BB and rear cassette. Featuring a host of genuine quality parts from United like the Supreme pedals, Direct tires and Team grips. With sizes to suits all ages and sizes, united has you covered.

United Complete Bmx


We have received our only drop of United complete Bmx's this side of christmas, with the same supply issues that have plagued the last year or so of bike sales these are the only Bmx's we can guarantee right now.


November 14, 2021

Written by Derek Johnson

Cult Crew - Callan Stib vs the 72 stair handrail

Damn this video would be worth watching just for the utter madness of that 72 stair rail but then its followed by one hell of a video part from Australian Callan Stibbarb who aint afraid to murder a handrail or two like a savage

May 09, 2020

Written by Derek Johnson

Federal 2020 promo

Federal 2020 promo filmed out in Barcelona before the Covid 19 madness erupted, many good clips in this one but that Boyd Hilder footy at the end is madness

May 04, 2020

Written by Derek Johnson

{winston} 2016 Irish Bmx dvd online

Uncertain times in the world meant Eoin Shiel recently cancelled the premiere and release of his 3rd Irish Bmx dvd 'Postcards' till later in the year, whilst that was indeed a disappointment for many we have to be thankful that his 2016 video {winston} has just made the internet for your viewing pleasure.


2016 and the preceding 4 years of filming Winston were great riding years for our scene, the time on a bike more cherished than ever before for a new father like myself. I'm forever grateful for the hours Shiel put into this as there won't be another time as this, unlike many of the younger riders i have watched this dvd countless times in the shop and at home since its release but now a wider audience gets to share in this snippet of the Irish bmx story.

{winston} from Shielbergo on Vimeo.

If you would like to read more from the man himself click this vimeo link to get an insight from the filming and tales of travelling Ireland in a clapped out Nissan micra.

Sections from:

Conor Winters,
Niall Wolfe/Donnacha Carroll,
Ryan Mollan,
Eóin Shiel,
Derek Johnson,
Ryan Aylward.

Riding from:

Ben Clarkson,
Eoin Flynn,
Jake Ryan,
John Wells,
Timeel Lewis,
Peter Adam,
Owen and Mason Gray,
Ben Falkenham and many more.


April 13, 2020

Written by Derek Johnson

50% off Federal drop forks

 We've currently got one last pair of federal drop froks in stock and they are marked down to 50% off which makes them only €70.....BOOM what a bargain

April 07, 2020

Written by Derek Johnson

Cult BMX Crew Does 2019

Cult does it good, defo one of the best teams in BMX these days and the quality of this edit is pure gold!

January 22, 2020

Written by Derek Johnson

November 30, 2019

Written by Derek Johnson

Derry To Kerry Trip 2011 Revisited

Squeezing a group of your mates into a car/van combo and hitting the road has always been a recipe for success and in the golden era of 2011 taking off from Belfast we drove all over the bloody place looking to beat the non stop rain.


Basically it rained the whole way down the west coast (big surprise there!!) so we headed south and got some great riding in around Kerry, Cork and Waterford. Camera's and spirits got crushed then we all witnessed one if the burliest crashes I have ever seen but for the most part it was an awesome time and in hindsight one of the best road trips we ever did as a shop.


Crew: Jason Phelan, Ben Murphy, Peter Adam, Hubert Jankowski, Derek Johnson, Ryan Aylward and James Ivett

November 24, 2019

Written by Derek Johnson

Shutting the shops doors December 2018

Dear Friends and Customers,

I have had a very hard time trying to write these words. These next 12 days running up to Dec 22nd will be the last as we are closing down the store in Greystones after 12 great years. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart - all the customers we have had over the years, friends, partners, past employees, team members, tea drinkers, delivery drivers and shop lurkers. You have all been a part of this fantastic journey and I once again want to thank you for the support and friendship over the years. Please call in again over the next 2 weeks, have a cuppa and say good bye to this place.

The Boardroom will continue to have an online presence after the shop has shut and the website will continue in it's current state into 2019 and beyond.  We hope to keep the brand alive and connected to the bmx/skate scene as always.

 We are having a blow-out closing down sale to shift as much stock before we go so use the code 'HALFPRICE' to get 50% off nearly everything, this deal is available online and in store! The few items not included in the code are still significantly reduced.

December 10, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson