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Clongriffin session July 15th

Last minute notice for some but our 2nd session of the summer is at Clongriffin/Donaghmede skate plaza on July 15th starting at 1pm till whenever its over.

We will hopefully get a drier day than the last one at Ballyogan and it'll be great to get loads of people together at one of Dublins lesser ridden skateparks. Expect the loose relaxed plan of last session with a few added surprises on the day.

July 10, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Errol Flanagan Boardroom edit 2017

Errol Flanagan 2017 Boardroom team edit

Errol's been on the team for a while now and he's put out this edit of Clips that him and Michael Haran had collected before he had his wrist/thumb injury, expect Errol to be back soon and slaying the streets again with the Barstool brothers.

Watch the edit, that last clip is a skatestoppered spot and Errol got pretty creative so he could get over them and not die. Thanks again to Michael for the edit

July 05, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Animal Bmx House L.A.

At nearly 9 minutes this edit is a must watch, the whole west coast team is amazing with new age street riding from some of Animal's new upcoming talent and as you would imagine their two pro's Colin Varanyak and Augie Simoncini cop some serious clips with Augie stealing the last few minutes with what can only be described as serious jaw droppers.

 “We have expanded our team to include an insane crew from the west coast like never before with Andrew Castaneda, Demarcus Paul (who got hurt right before the project), Johnny Raekes, Hobie Doan, Charles Littlejohn, Gabe Brooks and Richard Hernandez. We also have two of our top pros, Augie Simoncini and Colin Varanyak—who originally hail from the east coast—currently calling California home as well. So it only made sense for us to get them altogether and do their thing. We rounded out the squad with a couple of our top east coast riders, Abdul Fufanah and Jonathan “Twinn” Jaramillo, and Clay Johnson from Arizona to add to the mayhem. The riding that went down was wild, insane, technical, dope, crazy, smooth, and above all… motivating to get you to hit the streets right after you watch it. Thank you for your support of Animal and real BMX street riding.” —Ralph Sinisi, Owner-Animal Bikes

June 19, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Cult - Chase Dehart South Jersey 2017

Been a while since we've seen some Chase Dehart goodness and its been worth the wait. Cult sent their filmer Veesh to hang with Chase and his crew in South Jersey, Butter smooth street lines and that whip to wall ride has classic Chase D styles all over it.

June 02, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Amazing! Dakota Roche section - Vans Illustrated

Dakota Roche is an animal! This epic 2 song part for the Vans Illustrated dvd took 2 year to film and it been shot all over the world. Dak is a shop favourite who seemingly puts out more high quality, powerful street riding than any other guy out there right now. I had to watch this twice before i posted it and i've already got the kettle on to watch it again with a cuppa tea.....One of the best parts/edits of the year hands down!

Download Illustrated here: http://bit.ly/2citWnP



May 27, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Boardroom summer BMX sessions 2017

Summer BMX sessions 2017

This summer we're taking things back to our roots with a hangout style jam series meaning we won't have the big sound systems, sticky energy drinks, scoresheets etc but we want people to come and hangout with friends, ride your bike, meet new faces and we'll have some bits happening on the day like 'game of bike' and 'longest brakeless skid' whatever random stuff we think of just for the fun of it and The Boardroom as always will throw out some prizes for deserved riders near the end.

Dates have yet to be confirmed and we're gonna keep the schedule loose meaning we can change things to suit the weather. Its looking like we'll do one at Ballyogan, Birr and Clongriffin so we're hitting some new parks, some rarely ridden parks and some mission to get to parks. Closer to each event we'll have a chance to help organise shared lifts etc through the event page on facebook so we can all help get as many friends to come to the sessions.

The first session will be announced this weekend so stay tuned and see ya there!

May 25, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

May 17, 2017

Written by Eoin Shiel

2017 Wethepeople - Arcade

The Arcade is one stylish ride built to shred it all.
This year wethepeople gave the Arcade a shorter 13.2” chainstay and 165mm cranks, giving it a more responsive and modern feel.
You’ll also find on top of the Salt (EX) sealed cassette hub and Wethepeople Tripod seat and post combo, some new components from Salt including the (EX) grips and (Tracer) 2.35” tires front and in the rear due to the super wide Salt (Moto XL) brake.
If it’s the Matt Black with a smattering of Oil Slick parts, or the mystical Smoked Chrome version, you have one incredible bike that rides just as good as it looks

Check it out HERE

April 25, 2017

Written by Eoin Shiel


Rarely do you get to see such a stylish bunch of dudes make BMX look so well. This latest piece from Alex Valentino is a creative, beautiful and well shot video capturing the french connexion crew in Marseille, you need to watch this 8 mins of cinematic BMX gold! 





April 24, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

DIG X ECLAT - Territories episode 1 - Alex Kennedy & Bruno Hoffman

DIG and Eclat have gone and done another awesome collaboration piece called Territories, this first episode with Eclat riders AK and Bruno is filmed in Ningbo city, China. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes in this series and really enjoyed the song choice for this one.

From DIG:

Back in October of last year we started a new DIG travel project. For the first one we teamed up with official partner brands Éclat BMX and WETHEPEOPLE and selected two riders from each brand to accompany us to a city none of us had ever been to or even knew about. Ningbo is about 2.5 hours south of Shanghai in China and had more than enough good spots and interesting locals to make for an epic trip.

Episode 1 features Alex Kennedy and Bruno Hoffmann (Eclat) and we've got 2 more episodes from this seres to follow. The 2nd will feature Dillon Lloyd and Ed Zunda (WTP) and the third episode will feature our 'In The Cut' behind the scenes footage from the whole trip.

In conjunction with this project we have printed 75 limited edition 64 page photo books with images from the trip. Books include FREE DIG, Eclat and WETHEPEOPLE stickers. Look for that on our webstore tomorrow.

March 02, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson