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Check out Tony Malouf's Bike stacked with almost every part possible coming from BSD!

Here's all the specs:

- FRAME: Trans orange BSD Wherizona Beverage 20.65″ frame
- BARS: Chrome BSD WZA bars
- GRIPS: Black ODI Stay Strong Longneck
- STEM: Black BSD Race V2 stem
- HEADSET: BSD integrated
- FORKS: Black BSD Ghetto fork V3
- SPROCKET: Black BSD Superlite 3D 28t
- CRANKS: Black BSD Substance cranks 165mm
- CHAIN: BSD 1991 Halflink chain
- REAR HUB: Alienation freecoaster
- REAR TIRE: Donnasqueak 2.4″ tire
- REAR RIM: Cinema
- FRONT HUB: Black BSD Front Street hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
- FRONT TIRE: Donnasqueak 2.4″ tire
- FRONT RIM: Cinema
- PEGS: BSD Crack Pipe pegs
- SEAT: Brown BSD Beverage seat
- SEAT POST: Black BSD Blitzed post

BSD V2 Top Loader Stem

Wherizona Beverage Frame

BSD Donnasqueak Tyres

BSD Substance Cranks 

“After a full year with the Jameson themed Beverage colors we started thinking of funny ways to keep the “Beverage” theme going. At the time the Gully crew was just shouting out “WHERE” for absolutely no reason at all. And since we had just moved to Arizona around then, we started yelling “WHERIZONA” for absolutely no reason. Eventually it was just one of those things we said when you had nothing to say but needed to express your joy or excitement for something. Which obviously led to it getting way too out of control and greatly over used. One day I’m looking at the Arizona iced Tea’s in a store somewhere and it hits me! “We’ve gotta dress the seat tube up like an Arizona Can. Only it will be a WHERIZONA can!” After a few ideas were thrown back and forth we had our talented illustrator Mike Hughes draw it up and the limited addition “Wherizona” Beverage was born…" - Tony Malouf

May 01, 2014

Written by Fran Doran