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So, we just got this in from Wethepeople.... needless to say, we were so excited, nobody uttered a sensible word for at least a minute. Now, they've given some fairly basic examples of good deeds, but this bike needs to come home... So, riders of Ireland, stand up and do something amazing! A good deed to inspire a chain of positivity so strong it can never be broken... Or just do something funny...

"Jason said to us, “I want to give my bike away, I want people to do something good, It could be helping an old lady cross the road, giving a homeless person some change, dressing up as superman and saving a damsel in distress…” and with that we created this competition on instagram.

So the rules are simple (ish). Just go and film a 15 second video of your deed, make sure you add the tag #jaysdailydeedand follow @wethepeoplebmx and Jason will pick a winner on the 17th June.

The competition is open to everyone in Europe! 2nd and 3rd prizes include WTP and Nightmare t-shirts and signed stickers." - Wethepeople 


June 03, 2014

Written by Eoin Shiel