The boardroom bmx and skate


As you all know, the All City Jam went off on Saturday. We had an amazing time working with the lads from All City and GTF, made even better by the amount of BMXers and Skaters that turned up for a bit of a laugh and a shred.
As always we were blown away by the turnout and good vibes that were going on. 

It was really good to see a nice cross section of Dublin and Wicklow riders out for the day, even a few from further afield. The level of riding gets higher and higher at every jam, so it goes without saying that we were stoked.

Major thanks to everyone that came out to take part and especially Michal Pudelko and Paddy Owens for filming a lot of what went down and Paddy cut the edit. (They put the cameras down to ride for a while, hence not getting EVERYTHING, but we think Paddy did an amazing job of putting the edit together!!)

Can't wait for next year's jam now!

June 26, 2014

Written by Eoin Shiel