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Every year, just in time for the Christmas period, Wethepeople release their new range of complete bikes. 
Every year, they get better and better. 

As you'll see from the pictures below, this years range is fairly eye-popping. With models like the Reason, the Justice and the Curse holding down the coloured tyre options, classic models like the Arcade have had a complete overhaul with their paint schemes... that's not to mention how good the parts and geometry are!!

Starting with the Seed at 389.95e up to the all new Envy at 1099.95e the range is as good as ever. 

If you're in the market for an entry level bike that looks the part, you can't go wrong with a model like the Curse.

As with the last 2 years, the Curse is Wethepeople's entry level 18" and 20" model. The price comes in at 399.95e and it's still packed with amazing features. 4130 cromo downtube frame, Eclat nylon pedals, Salt Am Cassette and so much more. So, if you're after something to get started out on, check it out HERE for the 18 inch or HERE for the 20 inch. 

For years now, the Arcade has been one of the most sought after complete bikes in the country, and judging by this years edition, that's not likely to change! With WTP Hilt Grips, a Salt Pro Topload Stem, 4130 Salt Am Cranks, SaltPlus Stealth Pedals and more, this will feel amazing to get going on! That's only the start though, improved 26/9 gearing, 8.5 tall bars, a Tripod seat set-up and a frame with PRO style geometry, it's a beginner bike that will ride really well, for only 434.95. You can't ask for much more. In comes in an amazing, gloss green or a stealthy looking raw. Check it out HERE

The next in the line is the Justice. This has been one of Wethepeople's most popular bikes since it was introduced. If you saw any of the previous versions, that should be no surprise to you, but this year's model is probably their most out there to date! There are serious upgrades in the frame set-up like 4130 top-tube, down-tube and chainstays, so it's geared towards the more serious rider. With features like removable brake mounts, Tripod seat and post, Salt 170mm 4130 cranks, WTP Arrow grips and more, you're getting a serious setup for only 469.95e. You can check it out, in either of it's amazing colourways HERE.

For more on our range of bikes, you can check them all out HERE

October 02, 2014

Written by Eoin Shiel