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Ireland is, as you know, very small. Both physically and also in terms of the global BMX scene. We're tiny!
However, it's kind of cool that there's so many different scenes around the country. 
Loads of different personalities and styles, too. 

It used to be that if you saw someone on a BMX, you'd stop and say hello, or automatically arrange to go riding some time. These days, there's so many more people on BMX bikes that it happens a little less, and that's grand, too. But it's always nice when it does.

It's pretty cool working in the shop and getting to see the small crews either bounce off each other with ideas or develop a friendship despite being from different parts of the country. Sometimes you get to see weird rivalries develop, and to be honest, that's often hilarious :) 

Anyway, being on the East Coast and close to Dublin (and living there myself) sometimes, there's so many people about, it's easy to miss what's going on elsewhere. However, over the last couple of years, there's been a bit of noise coming over from the West Coast. A bunch of lads who appeared to be in to the same sort of things as "our" bunch of lads were putting out a load of edits and it looked like they were having a lot of fun, too. 


Eventually, we started to bump into each other at jams and so on, and in basically no time at all, it we realised that not only were they a daycent bunch of gents, but pretty damn good on the bikes too. A good combination.

I've had the pleasure of going on roadtrips with Jesse, Michael, Errol (ERR-ALL), Kevin, Timbs and a few of the others, and I can say without hesitation, they're as sound as you'll find. Over the last two years, Michael has worked on their biggest edit so far and it's packed with really good riding and will give you a nice glimpse into what goes on over in Sligo and some of those other wild and feral counties (I JEST!). 

The video is a must watch for anyone actually into BMX in Ireland. 

Chuffed that Michael gave us the go-ahead to publish this first, it's really appreciated. 
Anyway, that's enough from me... check it out!


October 22, 2014

Written by Eoin Shiel