The boardroom bmx and skate


Rather than jump straight to Christmas, we here at Boardroom Towers love Hallowe'en. 
So, if you upload a video of you riding your BMX or skating (as in, with a skateboard) IN COSTUME to our facebook page HERE with the hashtag #boardroomhalloween2014 you will be in with a chance to win 50 euros worth of parts for your bike or board! 


First step - wear an awesome costume.
Second step - make an edit of you riding or skating in that costume.
Third step - upload it/post it to our THE BOARDROOM facebook page.
Fourth step - include the hashtag #boardroomhalloween2014 in the post!

The funnier/more creative the costume and video, the more likely you are to win. It doesn't need to be all flips and whips, just a good video!

If yours makes the cut, you'll win 50 euros worth of parts!!

October 29, 2014

Written by Eoin Shiel