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And here we are... The Boardroom's "No Direction".
A tale of rain, sleeping in bushes and rescue at the hands of the Barstool Crew...

Probably the best weekend of BMX I get to partake in every year... The Boardroom trips are always a fine balance between bikes, bbq's and bevvies... and running from our oh so indecisive weather.

This year had our biggest crew yet (I think!) between some new faces and some old, it was still the usual story.
Good times on the road with good friends. While some of the old regulars weren't able to make it, we had some of the usuals, Derek, Ryan, Graham and myself (Shiels). Some of the longer standing, but younger team made it this year, Jake and Conor and it was a pretty cool way to get to know new team additions, Barry Smyth and Jesse Mooney. We were stoked when Michael Haran and Errol Flanagan decided to join us, too! 

There were some pretty high hopes for this year's adventure, based off last year's excursion, but day one and two put our idea of a sun drenched, bike heavy holiday into question. We spent hours upon hours just driving, TRYING to find sunlight. The trip was nearly called "Drenched in Derry", but thankfully the Barstool lads came through with the word that Galway and Sligo were not in the slightest bit damp.

By the evening of day two, we had found a nice little spot to set-up, make some hallouminati burgers, have a tipple, a bit of chinwag and to plan the next few days...

We decided that under the guidance of one of our favourite bearded wonders, Errol, that we'd stay in Galway and make the most of the much needed dry weather. Galway was good to us. 

I have to say, usually the trips produce some good riding, but there was definitely a buzz this time and some of the lads absolutely killed it. Given that I had the privilege of filming, I was happy with that! Worthy of note - Jake Ryan... generally slaying everywhere, always... On the trip, Jake did his first proper street rail and then followed it up with a pegs to bars... +100 man points! 

While riding isn't everything, it was still pretty great to watch everyone having a good time and taking care of some serious moves. 

I hope you enjoy the video, I enjoyed making it and looking back on an amazing weekend with the lads. Good times. Can't wait for next year.

Major thanks to local band and friends, Enemies for letting us use their track "Indian Summer" for the edit. Much appreciated!! You can check out their band-camp here ... http://enemiesmusic.bandcamp.com/

The Crew - 
Barry Smyth, Conor Winters, Jesse Mooney, Ryan Aylward, Jake Ryan, Derek Johnson, Graham Glennon, Eoin Shiel, Michael Haran, Errol Flanagan.

November 01, 2014

Written by Eoin Shiel