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Looks like the 'Blind' hub is going to be the best thing to happen to bmx in a while, Shane Weston is skilled!

To travel backwards on a BMX without pedaling is nothing new, it’s something that was active very early on in the boom of BMX street riding. The potential of riding with a free coaster though has evolved drastically with time and now we’re at a pretty exciting point where going backwards seems almost like going forwards.

Shane Weston was always influenced by riders before him that forged the way for free coasting and has been on the free coaster game for some time now, mixing complex hop variations with jump box tricks to create this original and mind blowing style, a true pleasure to watch. After a long time in testing and development we are happy to announce the Shane Weston Signature Free Coaster hub from Éclat ‘The Blind’. Unlike other free coasters out there this one is designed for the modern street rider that can be flipped from RSD to LSD and even switched back to a coaster. It’s pretty much the only hub you’ll ever need. - Eclat

We'll have these available at the Boardroom around mid december

November 10, 2014

Written by Derek Johnson