The boardroom bmx and skate


We board one of Ryanairs longest flights embarking 5 hours directly south from Dublin to the most southern tip of Europe. The islands have long been a tourist destination for European sun worshippers, but in recent years the islands have been discovered by the BMX community as a cheap destination guaranteed of good weather and unique spots. 

A few weeks before this we had a crew of 5 who intended to make the voyage. Time, money and work commitments had whittled the group down to just myself and Ben Clarkson. This wasn't going to be the typical BMX trip, in fact was it going to be a BMX trip at all? We had lose plans to go surfing, scale mountains and eat delicious food. We brought our bikes along to fill in the time between doing these activities.

A retired couple on the plane informed me that they transport themselves around the island by Taxi. I really warmed to this idea, I have done countless trips on a shoe string budget and while that often leads to interesting stories so does doing something completely different and so began our Taxi trip around Fuerteventura.


Article written and designed by Donnacha Carroll

March 11, 2015

Written by Derek Johnson