The boardroom bmx and skate


As you'd expect when filming a video, you end up with clips of your mates... When you're the Markit crew your friends are generally incredible bike riders!

"Between old friends and new friends from all over the world, we're always out cruisin around with the homies! Over the last 5 years these clips have been stacking up and we're stoked to finally put out the friends section we had hoped for in MARKIT ZERO. Better late then never right? Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

Nathan Williams, Aaron Smith, Greg Micklas, Japan, Vicente Candel, Chris Doyle, Tate Roskelley, Aaron Petrille, Kyle Hart, Ben Wallace, Lino Gonzalez, Fernando Laczko, Vern, Hucker, Chad Osburn, Brian Kachinsky, Kurt Russell, Tammy Mccarley, Robin Slootmaker, Diogo Canina, Joey Cobbs, Albert Mercado, Hoang Tran, Glen Girbovan, Wes Rhoe, Mikey Babbel, Quinn Semling, Tanner Easterla, Garret Reynolds, Simone Barraco, Matt Closson, Dan Boiski, Mike Cleveland, and Dan Coller.

Filmed By Christian Rigal and the Crew"

May 06, 2015

Written by Eoin Shiel