The boardroom bmx and skate

We're going to be doing a few Team Picks over the next couple of months.
All it is, is team members choosing a few of their favourite web edits or video sections and telling us why they like them! pretty simple and hopefully there'll be some good calls in among them! 

First up we have Andrew Loughnane. Skate team member and top bloke. 

Pick #1 

"Madars just kills it. This was the first time i really saw any of his footage. The song and the skating are put together perfectly. Also hyped on the VX1K!"

Pick #2

"I just picked this because about 50 percent of the video is taken up by one insane line!"

Pick #3 

" Really into this guys powerslides and slappys, fairly unknown euro ripper."

Pick #4

"This was the best thing to come out of the berrics in years. Loose truck action!"

Pick #5 

"Raw SF hill bombing. Zach Chamberlins filming is insane."

Pick #6

ssential... Bobbys section of course..."

August 12, 2015

Written by Eoin Shiel