The boardroom bmx and skate

For the second in our "Team Picks" we are going with one of our Dublin connects, Gavin Beale.
Gav's put together a pretty good list for us and it's short but sweet.
Some good stuff in here!

Firstly, you should check out Gavin's video he put out earlier in the year for us, it's sick...

#1 - Converse - #Pleasecharge

Gavin - "The new cons video please charge. The soundtrack is sick and Jerome Campbell's flip noselide, 10 minutes in, is incredible."

#2 - Mark Suciu - Cross Continental

Gavin - "Probably watched this section like ten times. Guy has a sick style and gets tech af. Elliot Smith is fairly rad also"

# 2 - Pat Pasquale's - Theatrix 

"So shit that its amazing. He skates to dub-step and doesn't give a fuck"

August 26, 2015

Written by Eoin Shiel