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For this installment of the "Team Picks" we have Kilcoole's very own Jake Ryan. 
His choices for this are pretty solid... Big names and quality video parts...
Jake's working on his own web edit at the minute, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

#1 - Simone Barraco - Get Used To It.

"Barraco is one of, if not my favourite, rider(s). I'm usually a big fan of whatever he puts out *cough (Noster promo). But I remember seeing this a few years back and loving the creativity and fresh perspective he had on BMX. Barraco is a bajman!"

#2 - United BMX: Aesthetics with Luke Peeters & Ryan Lloyd

"I remember watching this in the shop with the Derek for the first time and lovin' every second! No "tricks" just maneuvers, lotsa tables, turndowns 'n' pure steeze, what more could ya want?"

#3 - Alex Kennedy - Cult Edit

"This is just a must for the top 5, Alex Kennedy is a boss. The whole feel of the video is just so smooth 'n'  buttery and the vx filming and Song just really put the icing on the cake for me!"

#4 - Ty Morrow - Deadline Part 

"There was a lotta hype over the dvd and rightly so, they all killed it, but Ty really did it for me. His part is full of burly moves done fast 'n' super clean. Let's be honest, Ty Morrow's a beast!"

#5 - Dakota Roche - Cult 2014 Edit

"Dak never fails to impress, he's got some serious moves in here. This dude likes to go fast, ain't afraid of a big drop and makes it all look "silky smooth" in the words of Zohan !"

September 05, 2015

Written by Eoin Shiel