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The latest installment of our Team Picks is none other than our very own West Coast bruiser, Jesse Mooney.
Jesse's been killing it for years, so he knows a thing or two about a thing or two! He's currently working on a pretty sick edit for the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for that. But in the meantime check out his choices!

#1 - Edwin De la Rosa - Animal - Can I eat?

Edwin's part was just so far ahead of the game, and I grew up watching nothin but east coast bmx movies.

#2 - Van Homan - Little Devil - Criminal mischief

It still blows my mind to this day. (couldn't find a version with music! Sorry!- Shiels)

#3 BSD - Any Which Way/Living For the City.

BSD 'Any Which Way' Full DVD from BSD on Vimeo.

BSD 'Best of the City' from BSD on Vimeo.

Tied, love all ofthe bsd video projects, good vibes and even better riding.

#4 - Road Fools 1.

My all time favourite video would be road fools 1. Think it was the first bike video I ever watched and just will always stick in my head as the reason I ride my wee kids bike :)
#5 - Dakota Roche - Cult Talk is Cheap

#6 - Dakota Roche - Stay Fit

Can't pick one...
I just like his style. Big wall rides and burly tech rail moves

(Dak has the banger part in Talk is Cheap... you should really watch the whole vid anyway, it's a masterpiece. - Shiels)

September 22, 2015

Written by Eoin Shiel