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Raincheck Remixed - The TSS from Left on Vimeo.


The newest remixed section from the 2012 DVD "Raincheck". The lads from the Bushyarea have been back on the steeds recently and making sure none of the locals step out of line. Good times. You can also check out other sections on the Left vimeo page and then the instagram at @leftbmx

"The TSS...


They disappeared as quickly as they arrived on the scene.
Leaving nothing but a trail of salt and red-faced flyout warriors in their wake.

The TSS, The Terenure Street Squad.
Here's the remixed Raincheck section, featuring 3 out of the 5 OG's of Bushy Park's most feared riding crew.

Rob Griffin, Sean Clarke and Ste Burke.
The lads pretty much fell off the face of the earth after filming this part, but they've pulled the bikes out from the sheds this year and are back on the prowl. And a good thing it is, too. Bushy had been lacking a certain something."

September 25, 2015

Written by Eoin Shiel