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Derek asked me to put together a top 3, but that's not how I roll... because, I'm difficult. 

Anyhow, I somehow doubt these will come as a surprise to those who know me well, but on the rare occasion that my opinion is encouraged, here we go. (also, the only number rating that counts is the number 1 spot, the others are just to keep it neat. Can't really choose!) Maybe I was under a rock for most of the year, but 2015 didn't seem to have the flow of video content that the last few years did, but there have been some amazing releases. Also, if you take the five videos as a tiny portion of what is available to see, the whole webisode/self promotional culture that's emerging/exploding in BMX kind of seems like a weird joke. 

Honourable mentions - Pool's Gold from Dig, Justin Spriet (Fit edit) and Simone Barraco (Noster Promo) for being talented bastards... A bunch of Japanese street videos that I can't find now were really enjoyable. Also, the French Connection videos/milkshake series from Alex Valentino, definitely worth a look. 

Number 5

United - Tom Sanders - Region Frame Promo

Shortly before making his way onto the Make, Tom Sanders worked with United on the Region frame and put out a crackin' promo video for it. You could call it understated, but I reckon a lot of times, less is more. Clean and concise, every line/move etc looks good. Love the way the video was put together, too.

Number 4

Animal Bikes - The Animal House

Safe to say, a lot of people were looking forward to this. Animal's updated team, Ryan Navazio behind the lens and rightfully in New York. It was sure to be good. It's all good, but Mark Gralla's section is craftmanship on a bike. 

Number 3

Mutiny - Limestreet

No pegs? Doesn't matter. 
I've always loved Mutiny's videos. Also, how can you not be into this? Style, spots and the two lads making everything look far, far too easy. There's a tyre slide in here that goes on forever... Enjoy.

Number 2

FBM - Seamus McKeon

FBM are pretty much the embodiment of the best bits of BMX. Trails, Street, Park, they pretty much cover it all. This edit is fun to watch. It's got a lot. Flips, skids and balls-out moves like the one in the screen-grab. You can't go wrong with FBM.

Number 1-

The Make - Vancouver 2015

Without a doubt, this is my favourite BMX video from the last year.
I love how it's been put together and it reminds me of some of the trips I've been on (though with a higher standard of riding!) . Clarky knows how to put together a video and it's always cool to see a real crew/team as opposed to contracts in common. 

January 14, 2016

Written by Eoin Shiel