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We held the finals of the 'Can't Rain Forever' BMX series in Greystones on the 27th August and the weather treated us one last time to an awesome day hanging out and getting sunburnt in the local skatepark. With Shiel's on the mic everyone was kept in good cheer all while the AM's and Expert's tore greystones skatepark a new one. The full results sheet is below but on the day the results for the Greystones jam were as follows:

AM 1st place - Adam Mc Craith

AM 2nd place - Evan Byrne

AM 3rd place - Cillian Singleton


EX 1st place - Henrique Gomes

EX 2nd place - Gergo Kis

Ex 3rd Place - Conor O'Toole


Overall Series Winner - Conor O'Toole

Overall Am winner - Evan Byrne

September 13, 2016

Written by Derek Johnson