The boardroom bmx and skate


Ryan Aylward in the streets of his hometown Dublin, filmed by Eoin Shiel. Here's what Eoin had to say about how this edit came about:

"I had this footage sitting on my computer for a long time. There was no reason for never doing anything with it, I guess it just kept slipping my mind.

Ryan and I used to ride, hang out and film quite a lot together, but sometimes things change. Screws fall out. That's life.

The other week Ryan and his lovely missus moved to Barcelona. A few days later I heard about the terror attacks.

Thankfully they're both safe, but it got me thinking about how strange the world is and how we're all just a spark in the fire.

Regardless of that, everyone tries to make their time count.

Reg and I put in a fair bit of work for these clips, I'm glad they're seeing the light of day."

August 22, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson