The boardroom bmx and skate


Summer BMX sessions 2017

This summer we're taking things back to our roots with a hangout style jam series meaning we won't have the big sound systems, sticky energy drinks, scoresheets etc but we want people to come and hangout with friends, ride your bike, meet new faces and we'll have some bits happening on the day like 'game of bike' and 'longest brakeless skid' whatever random stuff we think of just for the fun of it and The Boardroom as always will throw out some prizes for deserved riders near the end.

Dates have yet to be confirmed and we're gonna keep the schedule loose meaning we can change things to suit the weather. Its looking like we'll do one at Ballyogan, Birr and Clongriffin so we're hitting some new parks, some rarely ridden parks and some mission to get to parks. Closer to each event we'll have a chance to help organise shared lifts etc through the event page on facebook so we can all help get as many friends to come to the sessions.

The first session will be announced this weekend so stay tuned and see ya there!

May 25, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson