The boardroom bmx and skate


 Jake Ryan has been a part of the Boardroom family from the very start, its been a great honour to have watched him grow from the little kid out shredding his age group at the park into the face mangling street assassin he embodies these days.

This video laced together by Eoin 'Manbear' Shiel has some of Jake's best riding from the last 2/3 years. Cans..Cans...Cans!

Here's what Eoin had to say on experience of riding and filming Jake

"Jake Ryan is a disaster. From rolling around in broken glass topless at my wedding, to concussing himself on the first trick of some sessions, we've been provided with many a "moment"... With that said, Jake is one of my favourite people to travel with. More often than not, a session will end in a few beers and shite-talk that covers more ground than the session itself. No matter how many cosmetic changes he's made to his forehead, he's always solid... Just... a disaster."


August 31, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson