The boardroom bmx and skate



Here at The Boardroom we're looking to add new Skate and BMX members to our already stacked shop team, if you think you've got what it takes then let us know about it. 

The application process is simple, just post up the edit/video of yourself on your facebook and we'll consider you for the team. Only videos with @theboardroomireland #boardroomjointheteam #theboardroomireland #tbrsince06 will be found by us and considered. We ask that you email the edit/video to info@theboardroom.ie too. Quality edits hosted on Youtube or Vimeo are preferred.

We are aware that it may take some people time to film and edit specifically for this so we are allowing till September the 30th for the entries to come in, after that we will select and announce the new team members. Those that already have edits of themselves (we may have already seen them) can of course use these and send them in, please only send a maximum of 3 edits.

Edits/videos should be at least 1 minute long and maximum 5 minutes long, edits must be solo edits (no friend/group footy) please.

Best of luck to everyone!

August 20, 2016

Written by Derek Johnson