The boardroom bmx and skate


Having spent a good many years watching Props Road fools this Kink Rustbelt Tour video was a surprising but refreshing nod to that era of Bmx video format which brought back loads of good memories and more importantly made me think that there could be a resurgence to this format as the much loved vlogs and webisodes only cater to the viewing needs of some people. Look at how much top quality riding there was in this video, whilst it also had that talking to the camera part but it wasn't all self obsessed nonsense.......we enjoyed it and hope that Kink Bmx do more of this along with the likes of BSD 'Undercover' edit which was out the other day, they go a long way to show another side of Bmx. Stoked to go ride my bike now!

Jump in the van, and hit the road with the team as we make stops at some of the best indoor parks, and bike shops between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Rochester, NY. Filmed over the course of a week on the move, with some of your favorite Kink Team Riders riding indoor skateparks in the dead of the Rustbelt Winter.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco
Additional filming by Jay Roe, Dan Coller, and Chad Osburn


February 16, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson