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September as a month in the BMX calendar often bears the fruit of the summer riding season and having already received one gift this week in the form of Dan Lacey's Monster edit , now we are being truly spoiled with the latest from DAK and Cult their 'Nativeland 3' offering, for which we are truly grateful!

Honestly though this video is the 3rd part in a trilogy of edits that Dakota Roche wanted to put together over a longer period of time so having a goal in mind and an outlet for all that raw power and skill on his bike. I could lament for days about what this video contains but just know that here at the Boardroom we love DAK and this latest video just supports our views that he's one of the best on a Bmx right now. He grinds right across a damn building in this one, so just watch at already! 

September 13, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson