The boardroom bmx and skate


Dear Friends and Customers,

I have had a very hard time trying to write these words. These next 12 days running up to Dec 22nd will be the last as we are closing down the store in Greystones after 12 great years. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart - all the customers we have had over the years, friends, partners, past employees, team members, tea drinkers, delivery drivers and shop lurkers. You have all been a part of this fantastic journey and I once again want to thank you for the support and friendship over the years. Please call in again over the next 2 weeks, have a cuppa and say good bye to this place.

The Boardroom will continue to have an online presence after the shop has shut and the website will continue in it's current state into 2019 and beyond.  We hope to keep the brand alive and connected to the bmx/skate scene as always.

 We are having a blow-out closing down sale to shift as much stock before we go so use the code 'HALFPRICE' to get 50% off nearly everything, this deal is available online and in store! The few items not included in the code are still significantly reduced.

December 10, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson