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The Boardroom

Your set up

Mankind Monocle

Top five spots

1. Waterford Plaza 2. My Backgarden ramp 3. Manny pads on the quay in Waterford 4. Waterford Skatepark 5. Birrrr skatepark

Top five riders/skaters

1. Mike Curley 2. Simone Barraco 3. Stevie Churchill 4. Garrett Reynolds 5. Fran Doran

Why you ride/skate

I ride bmx because it's fab, didn't even want to ride back in the day but my buddy alex forced me to build up a decent setup. Shoutout to the bro for the parts through the years that got me going! I went down to the park then and took a big nose dive over the spine and I am still riding my bike to this day.

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