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How did you get into riding in the first place

The skatepark in greystones opened its doors and a few of the local kilcoole heads got into it. Tagged along one of the days, had a pedal about n a good laugh. Decided to get a shitty diamondback for Christmas one year and been at it since

Describe your current bike set up

United Mothership frame with a crazy paint job, bogey wheel set with a lack of spokes(his own fault), United Rigal bars, éclat forks and a load of other United bits n bobs !

Hows juggling college, work and riding going

Bit of a struggle at the moment with living away from home, Maynooth's a small town with not much to ride in it (at least not on your bike that is) ! There's a few spots on campus but security can be pricks. Blanch skateparks a shortish journey on the train and gettin a Subrosa Fam rail soon so I'll be able to stay on the bike a bit during the week. Work on a Sunday is always a pain In the ass cos that's when everyone else is off but gotta pay them bills!

You ditched your freecoaster recently, what happened

Well made a mess of my freecoaster when I was away in malaga so when I got back I had no choice but to throw on my old cassette. Don't think I'll go back to a freecoaster any time soon, bike feels much nicer at the moment !

Why do you keep landing on your face

I keep asking myself the same question.... Think it's a mixture of drunken incidents with reg and throwing myself at rails without thinking.


Top 5 spots to ride

Waterford slabs, Galway City, UCD, Bushy, and the IFSC ledges

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