The boardroom bmx and skate


Bio and background 




 Greystones / Sandyford 

Fave type of Paint

 Fine liners / caligraphy ink 

Describe your style in a few words

 Skate culture,graffiti , tea and a bit of madness

Top five spots to paint

 1. At home 

2.Greystones barn

3.bernard shaw 

4.public transport


Top five artists

 1. Dan leo
2. Niall ol
3. Obit
4.etam cru
5. jean jullian 

Why you paint

 I paint because its a great way to kill time, enjoy yourself and its all i think about , i find its interesting seeing the process of improvement 

Tell us about you growing up

 I'm from Dublin/Wicklow, i grew up with friends who only played football and I pretty quickly left that enviroment to start skateboarding, with in the first week of arguements with my parents because i stopped playing football i found graffiti, instantly got the bite for doing it and havent stopped ever since, the more i skated and cycled the more i drew.

I love art and dont think i will ever stop and i'm thankful for the hard streets of sandyford for making me who i am

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