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Bio and background

Name, age and hometown

 Ruairi O'Callaghan, 19, Wicklow Town.

How did you get into Bmx in the first place

Tried riding my friends BMX back in 2011, hopped off a curb and i instantly became an addict. 

Your preferred bike set up

 I prefer a tall set of bars with a long frame, hard tires and a short back end.

What one thing do you need to have a good session on your bike?

 For my perfect session wax is essential, can't be hanging up on grinds.

You recently started college in Galway how is that going and have you got a chance to explore on your bike yet?

 Galway's an amazing city, best way to describe it is like a giant street plaza! The college campus is littered with spots so I can't wait to bring my bike over and ride around.

What motivates you on your bike?

 I'm motivated on my bike by my love for the sport as well as having friends to ride with. I love watching people progress as well as progressing myself and the sense of achievement just makes it all worth it.

Whats your dream bike trip? who? where? why?

 My dream bike trip is to either South California or Barcelona again. I'd love to ride with almost anyone, it's impossible to not have fun at such amazing places! Ideally i'd have Paddy Owens by my side, top class filmer/editor as well as being good craic and a fiend on a bike. Alternatively, good times are always a promise with The Boardroom crew as well as some serious bike riding. Hopefully can make a trip like this a reality sometime soon!

Favourite person to ride with?

  I've only rode with him once but hands down Errol Flanagan. He has a lot of style on a bike while killing it. Hopefully I'll see more often now I'm in Galway!

Top 5 spots to ride at?

1. Snake ledges in Barcelona 2. The Forum 3. Wicklow Skatepark 4. Greystones L-Box 5. Monkstown Skatepark ledge setup  

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