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Eclat Darryl Tocco 24d Window Seat


Eclat's resident barspin guru, Darryl Tocco has his own saddle from Eclat now, check it out!

"Theres no denying it, we waited a long time for Darryl to enter the éclat signature parts party. Darryl approached us because he was he wanted to develop something that would be a little wider, that would help when throwing the bars and feel like theres actually something between your knees.

The super fat padded design was built around the OZ base with a unique woven label patch. So whats with the window seat? Because Darryl always likes the window seat on a Flight.

(Why D24? well, because he was 24 when he joined éclat, and D for Darryl, obviously)." - Eclat

-100% poly propylene Cordura topcover / pivotal system
-Custom developed shape and base construction / designed by éclat / fat padding
-340g (11.99oz : 0.74lbs)

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