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Eclat Nathan Williams Peg


The Nathan Williams Peg from Eclat has been taking over on Ireland's east coast. It's been a bit of a hit with a lot of the peg warriors, and with good reason, too!

"When we spoke to Nathan about developing a nylon/fibreglass peg we quickly realised we didn’t need to follow the way the current pegs on the market were and look more towards the future.

The peg is designed with a heat treated crmo inner peg, that is then injected with a surrounding layer of nylon/fiberglass. This makes the peg incredibly strong and even when worn through, the plastic holds onto the inner peg. You can just rotate and keep on grinding." - Eclat

- liquid heat-treated crmo with molded nylon/fiberglass outer

- 14mm axle, adapter included for 3/8"

- 4"

- 42mm

- black

- low friction nylon / fiberglass for faster grinding / sold as single peg

- 196g (6.90z)

Great add ons