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Eclat - Trippin rim


The Trippin rim is the latest addition to the eclat rim line. Made out of fine 6066-T6 alloy. 

This rim features three pin joints. 
The straight sidewalls allow brake use. 
Trippin is available in the colors black, teal, dark red, lime and chrome polished. 
The 471g light rim will chop some weight of your wheel. 
Material: 6066-T6 alloy, pin joint (3 pins)
Size: 36h only Colors: black, teal, dark red, lime c.p. 
Specials: tripple pin joint straight sidewalls for brake use 
Weight: anodized: 471g (16.61oz : 1.03lbs) c.p: 500g (17.14oz : 1.10lbs) 

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