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Federal - Drop Forks


Sold out.

The Drop fork is based around the classic offset and length of the 20/20 fork, it also retains the same material and heat treatment spec however shape of the dropout and the bottom of the fork leg have both been redesigned to create a stronger and cleaner looking junction with better clearance. 
Following on from this aspect is the new top cap which is included with the Drop fork. 
The new top cap was designed with a less is more aesthetic approach featuring a smooth clean top with a black on black subtle logo and an 8mm to 6mm allen key hole, it is also more durable than the previous top cap 

100% 20/20 heat treated 4130 Chromoly Butted and tapered fork legs 
Integrated headset race 
Dropouts 5mm thick 3/8″ (10mm) only 
Bottom of fork legs angled for clearance Includes New style Top Cap (H25) 
Weight: 1lb 15.5oz W/o top capX

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