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Fly - Linear cable


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Fly's linear cable is a cut above, check it out and find out why!

These are the features on the three pieces that create this product:

The linear housing casing, Teflon lined and coated cable provide you with all the features that you need, Stiff brake power, smooth performance, kink resistant and good braking even with the cable twisted after a tail whip or bar spin.

We designed the end caps with a cone shape inside for two reasons:
Most of the time the cable goes through the middle of housing very smooth but not on the ends. On these places sometimes the housing wires get in the way with the cable and this can cause the smooth performance of brake to fail. So this cone shape opens up the housing wires avoiding this.
Sometimes the housing wires go through the end cap hole once again this can ruin the smooth performance of brake. This can not happen with this cone shape.
To achieve this shape this part is CNC machined out of 6061-T6 so this is the reason why this brake cable is slightly more expensive than the rest.
They also have a nice mid size length and come in anodized colors matching the housing. " - Fly Bikes

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