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Odyssey Twisted pc pedals


During the end of the JC era and beginning of the Trailmix time an older model began to find its legs and take off. The aluminum Twisted Pedal was designed and introduced well before the JC, but it never lit fire like the JC pedal. The feel was good, but it was not until the Twisted PC came that the Twisted line really took hold. 

With the prevailing idea in BMX being lighter is better, a plastic bodied pedal made a lot of sense. No sharp metal pins to cut your leg. Lower weight than any alloy bodied pedal. Ultra low cost meant you could wear your Twisted PCs down and just get new ones, without much worry. 

It’s hard to grind your $100 pedals down a brick ledge knowing the damage you are doing to them (and the ledge for that matter). The Twisted PC is made from a proprietary recipe of plastic, that the followers have never grasped. Just because they are plastic and inexpensive doesn’t mean you don’t put as much knowledge and know how in to them

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