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United Direct Tire - 2.4


The United Direct tyre is our ultra fast high pressure tyre that was designed and developed with input from our team riders. The directional pattern features a wider centre for improved balance and stability and the whole tyre is covered with a fine micro knurling which will grip all surfaces at speed. Look no further if you want something fast and grippy which is perfect for street, park and even at the trails when used on the rear. For the Direct 2.4 tyre we tweaked the pattern to make our fastest street ready tyre even faster. A solid centre section provides the ultimate in reducing rolling resistance, and wider/deeper groves to the edges of the tyre provide even more grip. true 2.4″ sizing, and compatible on all new United frames, forks and complete bikes.

Wider centre directional tread for improved balance
High speed design with low rolling resistance
Fine micro knurling across full tyre for improved grip
Designed and developed with input from the United team
120 tpi construction / 110 psi rating

20 x 2.40 Inflated width: 61mm / 2.40
20 x 2.40 Inflated diameter: 20.95" / 532mm 
20 x 2.40 weight: 799 g / 28.2 oz

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