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United - Nash Cranks


Sold out.

Here's a treat, United's new Nathan Williams cranks. These guys are sure to stand up to anything you can throw at them.

"From the start when working on these signature United Nathan Williams Nash Cranks, he had some very specific ideas for how he wanted them to look, they needed to be easy to install and maintain, and obviously able to withstand the pressures of his riding. We took these ideas and combined them with some proven manufacturing processes and by using FEA analysis software have managed to create a lightweight and street tough pair of cranks.

The design has been kept slim, clean and simple to create classic looking arms without any fancy gimmicks, but it’s whats on the inside that counts. by hollowing out the 22mm spindle as much as possible and creating arms with a shape to offer greater bend resistance and strength, we have made a set of cranks Nathan is proud to put his name to. As a final touch, all cranks are supplied with an installation/removal tool and a small sachet of grease, which make fitting them a breeze."

Endorsed and designed with Nathan Williams
FEA analysis tested and proven by Nathan and the team
Simplicity of a 3pc system, with the ease of use and assembly of a 2pc
Simple assembly, only one bolt required for tightening down arms
Smooth rounded and precision design at spindle boss to help prevent ‘ankle catch’
Clean, simple and classic arm shape with focus on strength not gimmicks
Heat treated tubular 4130 cromo arms with flatter rear and more rounded front for improved bend resistance
FEA tested 22mm 48 spline heat treated 4130 cromo ultra hollow spindle
Recessed M15*1.0 cromo spindle bolt with sunken 6mm allen wrench hole
Compatible with Metro spline drive sprocket for LHD use
Installation & Removal tool included
Small sachet of grease for installation/maintenance included
170 or 175mm length arms
Weight: 820gms / 1.80lbs / 28.9oz incl all bolts
Black only

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