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United Swerve tire


Sold out.

Have a gawk at the new Swerve tyre from United.

The United Swerve tyre is an aggressive street or even trail specific tyre which was developed and designed with input from the United team. By using a similar directional pattern to the Direct tyre, but adding angled contours and cut outs in the right places for extra control, United have kept the speed in this tyre, but provided even greater traction. Run these front and rear and your ride will be able to tackle anything.

Aggressive street profile combining grip and speed
Angled contours and cut outs for greater control
Wide directional tread for greater balance and stability
Fine micro knurling across full tyre for improved grip
Designed and developed with input from the United team
120 tpi construction / 110 psi rating
Black, White, Tan & Red wall options
20 x 2.25 only
Inflated width: 2.32 in / 59mm
Inflated diameter: 20.7 in / 527mm
Weight: 724 g / 25.5 oz

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