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Product highlight - Fit Corriere FC BMX 2018

If your looking for a new Bmx that has a little more to offer than an average start up Bmx then look no further than the 2018 Fit Corriere FC bike.

Styled to Ethan Corriere's own personal bike and setup specifics this bike come with 100% cromo frame, forks and bars. It also come equipped with a LHD freecoaster rear hub which many riders tend to prefer at the moment, its a fairly costly upgrade onto a normal bike so to have it included on this model is an instant bonus.

As if that's not enough it also comes with 4 plastic sleeved pegs meaning straight out of the box this BMX is fully equipped for modern street riding. Some S&M GNS pedals and a Fit logo solid chromoly sprocket add to the high end finish and detailing of this BMW inspired colour scheme.

We have the Fit Corriere FC Bmx 2018 available at The Boardroom Bmx shop here in Greystones, Co.Wicklow or its available to purchase online, please check it out and all the other awesomeness HERE

February 12, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Boardroom Christmas session 2017

 We had a great session down in Wreckless skatepark to close out the year with some friends and shop family, the turn out was crazy and we had a right good session with Michael Haran down to clock some footy of the night. Thanks to everyone who made the trip out, we'll hopefully see you all in early 2018.



January 08, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

November 08, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Jay Lonergan - Blood, Sweat and Trails

Jay Lonergan and his lifelong work at legendary Posh trails finally getting some long overdue retrospective exposure from Rob Dolecki and Dig magazine. He's been digging there for 23 years which spans longer than our average customers time on this planet and almost every year i've been riding a BMX. Watch this out of respect for Jay's work and his part in Bmx history.

November 03, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

BMX - Boardroom Summer sessions 2017

This past summer we took things back to our roots with a hangout style jam series meaning we didnt have the big sound systems, sticky energy drinks, scoresheets etc but we had people come and hangout with friends, ride their bike, meet new faces and we had some bits happen on the day like 'game of bike' and 'longest brakeless skid' whatever random stuff we thought of just for the fun of it and The Boardroom as always threw out some prizes for deserved riders near the end of each jam.

After sifting through the hours of footage these clips are best of what happened on our Summer sessions.


October 13, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

An above average street jam Galway 2017

An above average street jam was cooked up by two of Ireland's greatest BMX minds, Eoin Shiel the man behind 'Left' and Michael Haran the main man behind the lens piece of the Barstool crew.

With support from The Boardroom, Fourdown, BSD and Business the day started off at Eyre square in Galway city centre and continued around the plethora of decent street spots through the day. Many rad moves were pulled and most were captured by either Michael or his brother Dillon Haran, a massive thanks to all who attended the jam for making it a fun day and to all the sponsors for their awesome prizes meaning nearly everyone who made moves took home something. Your all great, thanks!



September 14, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Nativeland 3 / Dakota Roche / Cultcrew

September as a month in the BMX calendar often bears the fruit of the summer riding season and having already received one gift this week in the form of Dan Lacey's Monster edit , now we are being truly spoiled with the latest from DAK and Cult their 'Nativeland 3' offering, for which we are truly grateful!

Honestly though this video is the 3rd part in a trilogy of edits that Dakota Roche wanted to put together over a longer period of time so having a goal in mind and an outlet for all that raw power and skill on his bike. I could lament for days about what this video contains but just know that here at the Boardroom we love DAK and this latest video just supports our views that he's one of the best on a Bmx right now. He grinds right across a damn building in this one, so just watch at already! 

September 13, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Dan Lacey - Beyond

2 years in the making this latest section from Dan Lacey is an absolute face melter.

Always at the forefront of new riding Dan brings a fresh batch of moves not seen at his speed, mix that with Dan's awesome power on a bike and his ability to makes gaps and spins look effortless that most would laugh at and walk away from, thanks to Rich Forne's passion for great filming we have here a Masterpiece!

Watch Believe the mini documentary about the making of 'Beyond', powerful words from Mr.Lacey 


September 11, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

Jesse Mooney section - Barstool Crew Mixtape

The Opening section of Barstool Crew's 'Mixtape' that came out last year belonged to Sligo legend Jesse Mooney. Jesse and filmer Michael Haran put huge amounts of work into this and it paid off with 6 banging minutes of Jesse ripping around his home town and many far flung parts of the globe. Thanks to Mike for sharing jesse's section and look out for more coming through soon.

September 04, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson

BMX - Ryan Aylward - The Boardroom Ireland

Ryan Aylward in the streets of his hometown Dublin, filmed by Eoin Shiel. Here's what Eoin had to say about how this edit came about:

"I had this footage sitting on my computer for a long time. There was no reason for never doing anything with it, I guess it just kept slipping my mind.

Ryan and I used to ride, hang out and film quite a lot together, but sometimes things change. Screws fall out. That's life.

The other week Ryan and his lovely missus moved to Barcelona. A few days later I heard about the terror attacks.

Thankfully they're both safe, but it got me thinking about how strange the world is and how we're all just a spark in the fire.

Regardless of that, everyone tries to make their time count.

Reg and I put in a fair bit of work for these clips, I'm glad they're seeing the light of day."

August 22, 2017

Written by Derek Johnson