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Barcelona trip 2018 edit

The lads Donnacha Carroll, Derek Johnson and Jake Ryan getting away for a break to Barcelona just before the winter creeps in for Ireland.
With our good mate Ryan living in Barcelona for the past year or so we were excited to go and visit him but unfortunately he broke his foot so bad he flew home for surgery a week before we left. Within that same 24hr period that Ryan smashed himself, Jake now took a serious spill which looked like he might have to sit the trip out too. Some physio and TLC for 2 weeks had Jake mended so we headed off for a few days in the sun. Nearly didn't make it but it wouldn't be a trip without some drama!

Filmed by all 3 of us and edited by Donnacha

November 19, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Ross Doyle - Servants of the state part

Ross has been skating for the shop for over 2 years now and he's just had the bangin end section in the long awaited Cork skate release 'Servants of the State'

Check the full video out below

November 09, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

November 08, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Halloween Sale!!

We're off for a few days and the shop will be closed through a good bit of the midterm so to make it up to you guys we're having a huge sale. Check out the sale section where there is up to 60% off some items so there's definitely bargains in there for anyone. Shoe's, Bikes, Wheels, and everything you can imagine with more being added through the days. Enjoy the spooky session!!!

October 30, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Christmas club 2018

Every year we offer our Christmas club so people can join and slowly pay off those gifts that might be harder to pay off come the big day! 

Just call in and pick an item that you would like held or ordered in for Christmas and we'll set up an account and payment programme to suit your needs. You can collect your products when the items are paid for in full. Money paid into your christmas club account is not refundable, but can be transferred to another item in exceptional circumstances, this will be at the discretion of the store owner.

October 08, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

The Boardroom guide - Complete Bmx's under €400

Fit TRL chrome 2018

If your in the market for a awesome looking Bmx that is lightweight and reponsive then this fit will tick all those boxes. The Fit TRL in Chrome was an instant favourite here as it was unboxed and we're sure you'll agree when you see it.

United Recruit raw 2018

The United Recruit is a 20" toptube entry level bike that although it has a lower price tag still retains sealed BB, Mid sized BB and modern frame geometry. The United has been designed with a younger rider in mind and the 20" toptube will fit perfectly, helping the rider advance quickly to the next level of bmx riding.

Stolen Casino XL Black 2018

The Casino XL features additional cockpit space, making it perfect for those who are taller or more experienced. The Casino XL BMX is designed to help you achieve top performance; assembled with a host of Stolen/Fiction parts for excellent performance, this Stolen BMX bike is ready for the street.

September 13, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Ru and Kuba // NYC 2018

Ruairi O’Callaghan & Kuba Wiland split edit filmed mostly in New York but extending out to Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
We met randomly at my local skatepark, became friends and began filming together almost instantly. The whole video was filmed entirely on a GoPro with an iPad for second angles and edited in the ever-faithful iMovie. This video is more of a memoir of our time together in the states than a high quality BMX showcase but I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out overall.
Big ups to Ave BMX in Poland and my beloved Boardroom for keeping us rolling while we were abroad, would’ve been a hell of a lot harder to get this done without them.
Also want to give a major shoutout to our American crew and friends for taking the two weird Europeans in and showing us an amazing summer of BMX riding and culture, you know who you are. - Ru

September 11, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Jake Ryan Boardroom edit

 Jake Ryan has been a part of the Boardroom family from the very start, its been a great honour to have watched him grow from the little kid out shredding his age group at the park into the face mangling street assassin he embodies these days.

This video laced together by Eoin 'Manbear' Shiel has some of Jake's best riding from the last 2/3 years. Cans..Cans...Cans!

Here's what Eoin had to say on experience of riding and filming Jake

"Jake Ryan is a disaster. From rolling around in broken glass topless at my wedding, to concussing himself on the first trick of some sessions, we've been provided with many a "moment"... With that said, Jake is one of my favourite people to travel with. More often than not, a session will end in a few beers and shite-talk that covers more ground than the session itself. No matter how many cosmetic changes he's made to his forehead, he's always solid... Just... a disaster."


August 31, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

Dig Locals - Chris O'Neill 2018

Michael and Chris worked hard on this edit and we were very pleased when Dig agreed to pick it up and run it as a 'Dig Locals' segment. Filmed and edited by Michael Haran with some extra filming from Dillon Haran. Super happy with how this has gone and finally Chris's edit gets seen by anyone looking at Dig.

Straight from Dig:

The latest in our DIG LOCALS video series comes from our original home country of Ireland and features Chris O’Neill - yet another up and coming shredder who is flying well below the radar outside of his own scene. Here’s what the filmer Michael Haran, and Derek Johnson, had to say about him.


“It’s been awesome having Chris added to our shop team and we always knew he had some special talent since his riding stood out amongst the rest. He's the nicest kid and very humble with a pro-active outlook to what is possible, His riding alone is pretty much miraculous since he lives in the middle of Ireland, nowhere near any majors scenes that have existed. Check this out with the knowledge that he's pushed himself so hard for the last year along with Michael working hard behind the camera.” - Derek Johnson


"Chris O'Neill has been added to The Boardroom Team since the end of 2016 and from seeing what he could do via his instagram feed, and at local jams etc, I knew that he would definitely be able to film a seriously wild part. Shortly after this I hit him up and he was down to put in some work. He's a very laid back guy that can come across as quite shy but that's put behind him when he gets on a bike. He has spent countless hours going back and forth with me trying to nail some of the hugely technical lines along with the wild clips he's managed to pull off. He has gone beyond what I thought was possible and I'm so stoked to finally show everyone what we have been working on over the last 12 months." - Michael Haran



July 05, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson

TBRSUMMER 20% off all weekend

To celebrate the banging summer weather and the nice bank holiday weekend The Boardroom is doing a huge 20% discount off anything and everything, including the stuff already at sale price. So put your head through the door or get your order in from early friday till midnight monday and recive 20% off at the checkout when you use 'TBRSUMMER' discount code

May 31, 2018

Written by Derek Johnson